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Why I started to dislike the McCall pack in Season 3 excluding Allison Argent & Isaac Lahey.

          Reason #1 & the only reason: The treatment of Aiden & Ethan. 
          2 characters that were disliked for their accurate portrayal of
          abuse victims.  

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make me choose between 2 characters/ships/shows and i’ll make a gifset of the one i prefer

Catching Fire + recolored
 A Hometodystopia Tutorial: making gifs step by step 

using ps cs6 without video timeline

from this;


to this;


                                    [ much sorry if you’re on mobile ]

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  • I take gif requests for; THG, CF, Golden Compass, TVD, Teen Wolf, Downton Abbey,Coven, and The Tomorrow People. *Plus any AU Memes!
  • Please be as specific as you can like a little blurb so I have something to go off of. Also, please say if you'd rather have gifs or a picspam.
  • All questions will be answered!
  • Thanks, and have a good day!