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  Peeta had been their mission ever since the start. The Capitol captures Katniss and Johanna while the rebels rescue Peeta from the Quarter Quell arena. The only glimpses he gets of Katniss are on screen while Caesar Flickerman interviews her. He fights along side the rebels in hopes that he’ll be one step closer to Katniss and finally he is. They’ve rescued her, but something different. Her mind has been hijacked. Weeks of the Capitols torture have set her over the edge and upon their reunion all Katniss see’s is the monster who, in her hijacked memories, killed Rue. Things don’t exactly go as Peeta had expected.

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1. worstwolf! honestly, NOTHING beats unwittingly coming across an amazing graphic and finding out it’s someone who is in a mutual follow with you, who actually likes the things you do, who actually sportingly engages in shouting inbox matches i mean??? don’t you know who you are??? why are you TALKING TO ME?????? YOUR DOCTOR WHO AMY IN WONDERLAND AU I MEAN (not to mention your other amazing kc things too)

2. hometodystopia. i haven’t dropped a message yet (i’m an awful person, i know) but TEEN WOLF PACIFIC RIM MANIP, WAY TO WIN A GIRL’S HEART. see also: x

3. mikaelshake. she makes such saucy kc things with such excellent execution; i literally have no words. oh, and bonus round for the love of god please click on this icebluecyanide

4. daysandhours. ALICE!! IN!!!! WONDERLAND!!!!!

5. darkenedhallways. QUEEN OF CAPS AND PICSPAMS OKAY HANDS DOWN. i still cry over this and this.

Lannister siblings + Quotes

Divergent + Silhouettes 

LDR Concert

   I’m posting this for anyone who wants to go to an LDR concert in the future. First off, the person I was going with didn’t want to stand in line which is fine because it did rain a bit, but I would’ve liked to get front row considering she always signs etc. I brought my Born To Die cd in hopes that it would get signed and it, unfortunately, did not.
 We got there about an hour and a half before the show and while it seemed like a far way back, we actually got pretty close to the stage later on. I think we ended up what must’ve been 3 rows away from the front. You don’t necessarily need to sleep overnight (like some did!).

   The crowd was…ridiculous to say the least. I get that everyone wanted to reach the front, but it became pretty unrealistic when you realized someone in front of you was just as determined. It was hot (for a rainy day), each time the crowd swayed it was a struggle to stay upright, people had to be carried out of the crowd by security. It was a lot more of a hysteric crowd than I thought Lana Del Rey would draw. I guess I had this idea of people just kind of swaying around or listening to the music peacefully, kind of like how LDR performs, but it was the exact opposite. When she came out at the end to sign- the crowd pressed so hard to get to the front that I couldn’t even move. I’d say I spent about 1/4 trying to defend my spot, keeping with my small group and staying upright. No offence, but I have to say, if you’re short I’d stay away from a crowd like this. Not even kidding there was this girl in front of me that I didn’t notice- for I don’t even know how long- and her head was level with this guys back. She couldn’t even see the concert! It didn’t seem like she was having any fun and while I know that everyone wants to fight their way to the front, I think she would’ve actually been able to see and enjoy the concert if she’d stayed in the stands. Couldn’t imagine going and not actually being able to see Lana. Also, phones blocked a lot of peoples line of vision. It’s frustrating to see a sea of phones instead of the singer- I think people were watching through their phones rather than the actual performance at some points. 

   Lana was amazing. There was a new spin on some of the older songs. The electric guitar was more present, probably because of Dan Auerbach’s influence, and she sang some things differently. We all know Lana is a nervous performer and why wouldn’t you be in front of a crowd that big? Still, she was incredible. The notes were amazing, the vibe, her presence. She doesn’t need big flashy numbers, gimmicks, or dance routines. It’s all in her voice. She drew this reaction from people no matter what she did. When she smiled or laughed, the crowd went wild (when she saing gods and monsters the crowd was going so crazy she just laughed through the lyrics at one point. It was so cute! It must’ve been nice to see the support). There was this great energy and I hope that she recognized that everyone there supported her, and hopefully she’ll come back! At one point she said ‘Thanks for sticking through the rain’…of course we would!! I know after SNL she was reluctant to come to North America- here’s wishing she’ll do another tour soon! I know I’ll be up early for presale if she does.

  Much to my disappointment she didn’t come out after the concert and sign. I know she had a show the next day in Seattle, but it was a bit of a disappointment. We could see her sitting in the car and that’s when one girl yelled ‘what a bitch she’s ignoring us’ and I couldn’t believe she would say that. No wonder Lana wasn’t enthused about coming out. I brought my cd all the way from Saskatchewan, but I’m grateful I even got a ticket. While it was slightly disappointing I was extremely happy I had the chance to go! 

   During the performance she debuted Ultraviolence- which I loved the music and her voice, but was a tad bit skeptical on the lyrics. I have to say I prefer ‘Heaven is a place on earth with you’ compared to ‘He hit me and it felt like a kiss’. Anyways, 10/10 I’ll love Lana no matter what she does!  



Right! That’s the number 1 comment I’m seeing on reblogs lol [other than what’s on Stiles head. Which is from Immortals ] That movie inspired me to make the AU, actually. I’d say 75% is from it:3

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