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My wish for you is to become hope; people need that. And even if we fail, what better way is there to live?

Teen Wolf AU; After Derek changes to a human once again, he becomes a mercenary. With his extensive knowledge of  the  supernatural  &  Braeden's field experience, they quickly  become an unstoppable duo. 

Did you love her? She loved you.

bold what you prefer : Orphan Black themed


sarah or cosima or alison or helena or rachel or tony

beth or katja

delphine or scott

cal or paul or felix or donnie

mrs. s or marion bowles

leekie or art or vic

tea or wine

beanies or scarfs

tank tops or sweaters

season 1 or season 2

jello or chicken

project leda or project castor

cophine or lumberpunk

alison & donnie or helena & jessie

felix & sarah or felix & alison

monkeys or puppies

felix appartment or dyad institute

you’re damn right or yeah ditto obvs


;;Hey there! I saw your 'Roaring Twenties' Teen Wolf au and was wondering if I could use the picture to make an 8tracks mix centered around that idea! What do you think? :) xx

'course! a link in the description would be v appreciated:3 sorry this took so long to respond to!

;;yO your teen wolf 20s au is awesome, like seriously, all i want is a 20s au teen wolf episode now pls thank you but yeah, awesome edit :)

awe thanks, love! i’m glad you like it!:3

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